The packing list grows

Anyone who has traveled with a little one knows how much stuff they require, even for a quick overnight trip! It is crazy how someone so small can end up taking up the majority of your backseat AND trunk. Between the carseat, carseat base, stroller, feeding chair, extra diapers and wipes, plenty of clothes, bottles or cups, snacks, books and toys it seems like every road trip has left us searching for a larger vehicle!

Over the past year, we have traveled quite a bit with our son, both near and far. We have found a few “must have” items that are definitely worth adding to the packing list. Below I have listed (and linked) the three items that we are sure not to leave home without.

3 tot travel must haves

Pack ‘n Play: This first one might seem obvious, but parents often try to bed share with their little ones during travel to save money and provide extra comfort to a disoriented baby. However, if your family isn’t used to being side by side to sleep, you may quickly learn how uncomfortable it is for everyone. The Pack ‘n Play doesn’t take up much room, yet it provides baby his own space, just like he gets in his crib at home.

SnoozeShade Breathable Playard Canopy: Wow, this was a game changer for us! Rather than hanging sheets or towels over the windows or trying to drape a blanket over the Pack ‘n Play, this cover is easy to use and super effective in blocking out light. It’s a little on the pricier side, but it has helped us tremendously with maintaining solid naps and preventing early morning wake ups in hotels and other bright places. If you want 10% off at Amazon check-out use the code BRITT222!

Portable white noise machine: When we first realized that our son was exhibiting signs of FOMO (fear of missing out) around 8 months old, we wanted to drown out noisy adult sounds so we started by using an iPad with YouTube track of baby white noise. This 8 hour track can be played on any device and set inside or outside the room where baby is sleeping. Since then we have upgraded to this portable white noise machine, thanks to our Gigi in Colorado. It is small enough to toss into a suitcase and definitely worth the $20 investment!


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