What does it mean to be good at what you do?

Over the past decade of my adulthood, I have seen success in the many different roles that I’ve played on a daily basis.

  • As a college student, week to week success looked like studying hours for an exam and earning an A, and the ultimate success was earning my undergraduate degrees and getting to celebrate with my family and friends.
  • When working on my masters, success was learning statistics and using those skills to find statistical significance in my classroom research as my female students gained confidence to participate in class discussions.
  • In my science classroom, success was hearing a student accurately explain their understanding of a concept to one of their peers, receiving positive feedback from an administrator who just visited my classroom and having students reach out after years passed to thank me for being their teacher.
  • As a wife, a successful new meal cooked as a team, finding an unfamiliar hiking trail to explore, and seeing my husband’s face light up after opening a “just because” greeting card  are all reasons to celebrate my spouse duties!
  • In motherhood, success is seeing our son overcome some medical and development challenges at the beginning of his life, watching him learn new words and skills, and hearing his contagious giggle each evening during bath time. Our son is growing, learning, healthy and happy — what more could a mom ever ask for?!

It is no secret that success looks different to each of us, both because we have duties that differ and because we measure our achievement in various ways. However, there are certain success criteria that anyone would recognize as meaningful. One example of a universal success indicator is a testimonial or letter of praise. These positive words might come from a supervisor, client, colleague or family member but the impact of the words are meaningful no matter who authors them.

Happy families with sleeping babies

The power of a testimonial

Over the past year, I have helped numerous friends with the sleep struggles of their family and have been complimented on my ability to understand their challenges, identify ways to help them, and follow through in offering support. It has been great to get text messages being thanked for offering them tips and ideas, but there is nothing quite like reading a true letter of praise. This morning I received my first testimonial from a client since launching my business last month.

I was not all that surprised when tears filled my eyes while reading it, but I was shocked at the longevity in which I felt the impact of the words. Hours have passed since I first opened it, but the written words just keep replaying in my mind. I have helped a family to find sleep again. I have helped a little girl be less cranky. I have brought relief to the marital issues of a couple.

And all I did was listen, create, and connect.

  • I listened to what was going on in their home.
  • I created a plan that would work for them.
  • And I connected with them as I followed up, answered questions and held them accountable.

To be brutally honest, I  am feeling a little guilty that I didn’t have to work hard to listen, create or connect. I am wondering if I even worked for this testimonial. It certainly doesn’t feel like work… I didn’t lose sleep lying in bed worried about their plan, I didn’t have to spend hundreds of hours to get them to this point of satisfaction, I didn’t feel any reservation about it working for their family.

But, I guess this is all further proof of this “job” being a good fit for me. The success came naturally. I am prepared for the task. I am equipped with the knowledge. I am ready to educate. I am qualified to support.

I am so excited to share this testimonial with you. I know it might not impact you the way it has impacted me, but I invite you to read it. Maybe it will spark a passion in your heart which encourages you to take a chance and make a change in your life. Maybe it will lead to a new career path for you as you follow that passion. And maybe, just maybe, it will mean reaching out to me so that you and your little ones will finally get the sleep you deserve!

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