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As a small business owner, I have lists of my dreams and goals coupled with an image in my head of what Brittney Stefanic Sleep Consulting might look like years down the road. One of my (many) aspirations is to partner up with other small businesses to support one another and spread the love. Once you are exposed to the world of small biz it doesn’t take long to realize the hard work and dedication of others who are on similar paths.Core and pelvic floor after pregnancy

I was recently in Logan, Utah at a Moms’ Conference where I was both a speaker and vendor to an audience of moms from northern Utah and southern Idaho. I hadn’t been there long when I was greeted at my booth by a bubbly “hello” and a smiling face. The woman introduced herself as Nicole, but before we had even finished the introduction, an instant friendship had been established. Upon talking about each others passion and business successes, I knew that SHE was someone I wanted to collaborate with and that HER BUSINESS would be incredibly useful to MY CLIENTS! Add in the fact that she is a fellow “mompreneur”, doing this small biz thing while raising her kiddos, and it really was love at first sight!

So, without further ado, I would love hand my page over to Mrs. Nicole Atwood, Core and Pelvic Floor trainer and owner of A Beauty Blooming. Read on and strengthen up, mammas!

Why you need to know your core + pelvic floor! Post by Nicole Atwood


Nicole working individually with clients

Many women are living with core and pelvic floor dysfunctions that result from pregnancy, labor/delivery such as diastasis recti, prolapse, and hernias. Some of the most common symptoms of these dysfunctions are urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and heaviness, painful intercourse, weak core, poochy tummy, lower back pain, digestive issues, and more. Just because these symptoms are common does not mean they are normal! No woman should have to live with her urinary incontinence that happens every time she is trying to enjoy her morning run, or when she has to sneeze, or with any symptom that is disrupting daily living! Sadly, that is what happens most often. We are told that our symptoms are “just what happens after having a baby” or “surgery is the only way to fix it” both of which are completely untrue! You do not have to just accept your symptoms. I repeat, and I want you to believe, that you do not have to accept your symptoms! Our bodies are so amazing and there is so much healing that the body is capable of when the right exercises, education, and environment are provided, no matter how long you’ve been dealing with symptoms.

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The core and pelvic floor is the foundation to our body, and just like a foundation of a house needs to be strong and structurally sound, so does the foundation of our body! So how do you improve symptoms and create a strong foundation? The 3 main principles I teach my clients are:

1. Heal

2. Reconnect

3. Strengthen

Healing is the first step if you are newly postpartum. The body has just been through a marathon of pregnancy, labor and delivery. It needs time to rest and heal. The first 8-12 weeks is the main time frame for the body to heal naturally and when nagging core and pelvic floor symptoms should heal on their own. If you are still dealing with symptoms after that time frame, it becomes even more important to address them right away.

Reconnect and Strengthen are the second and third steps and it doesn’t matter if your baby is still a little baby or if your baby has babies of their own! It is never too late. It is important to reconnect to and strengthen our muscles, most important is the transverse (the deepest layer of the core responsible for stabilization and supporting) and our pelvic floor. This is done through rehabilitative movement, restorative exercise, alignment, and breathing.


Educating clients about core and pelvic floor

It is important to work with someone who is specialized in core and pelvic floor to ensure you are safely and correctly strengthening and healing. Don’t just trust the internet or what you found on Pinterest, there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially on diastasis recti and how to heal it!


As a core and pelvic floor personal trainer and MuTu System™ Pro I work with women of all ages and in all stages of life to reconnect to their bodies, heal their symptoms, and to feel strong and confident in their bodies. I educate on core and pelvic floor anatomy, alignment, breathing mechanics, safe exercises vs unsafe exercises, correct engagement and activation of core and pelvic floor and so much more. Each session, in person or online, is customized to individual needs and challenges so you are getting the exact education and support you need to start your journey to healing.

You deserve a body that is functional, that supports you in your daily activities, and that you feel whole and confident in! Whatever your symptoms, questions, or concerns are I will be right there to talk through them with you and to create a plan of action that will provide the answers and healing you need!

Xxx Nicole

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