The dreaded baby book

As moms, we have a lot of responsibility, most of which we have thrusted onto ourselves. One of the “tasks” that is most overwhelming to me in my 2+ years of motherhood is… living in the moment but also capturing the memories to keep with us forever.

Once upon a time I thought I’d be one of those moms to make a baby book for my son. But let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen simply because of the state of #overwhelm that I get sent into when I hear the phrase baby book. But, I still want to live in the moment. And I still want to take the photos. And of course I want to be the one capturing memories.

I have TONS of photos and videos on my phone. Some of them have been backed up to my computer. Some have not. I love these photos. I love the memories they prompt. I love to see how my son has grown from day to day and learned new skills from month to month.

Taking the pictures has never been my struggle, but determining what to do with them AFTER they are taken… That’s one of many things that keeps me up at night. And mom guilt, but that’s another post for another day!

So, I’ve invited along my friend, local mom boss, and one heck of a talented lady, Kandi Anderson of Kandi Anderson Photography, to share a blog with us about the importance of capturing memories for our family.

I’d love to take this moment to give a shout out to Kandi, as all of these LOVELY images below (plus more) on my website are her pieces of art! She’s got a stunning Instagram account that you can follow here!

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She is an incredible maternity and newborn photographer, and her skills are clearly transferred to family, lifestyle and business/branding shoots as well. Thanks, Kandi!

In the post below she not only outlines what it means to capture these memories in the form of photographs, but Kandi hits the nail on the head by telling us what to do with the photos after we take them.

So, give it a read and be convinced… Her words totally worked on me, and I think I may even remove a few tasks on my weekly to do list for this week so that I can make time to get some photos printed!

Capturing memories by Kandi Anderson

the importance of capturing memories

I think I have the best job there is! Capturing memories and documenting peoples lives and telling their story is what I do!

Being a maternity and newborn photographer I get to document the fierce love and tender emotions couples feel right from the start!

My goal as an artist is to create images that reflect the love and connection between a parent and a child and to document all the little details that you soon forget. I want my clients images to become timeless heirlooms that tell their families story.

It’s no secret that newborns are one of my favorite subjects to capture. I love to capture them in a beautiful natural form, keeping the session simple without using too many props. I do use minimal accessories, but try to keep it soft, simple and beautiful! I use natural earth tones and love an organic natural look as I believe your pictures should be classic, timeless and beautiful.

Photographs tell a story

As much as I love to create beautiful images for my clients, and I love to know that they will cherish those images forever. I’m also very passionate about people printing their images from everyday life, too!! I often get asked about digital files and I want to address that topic!

Years ago we would all sit around for hours and sometimes days and would pour over the albums or boxes full of pictures that our mom’s and grandmas had in the closet. Most often the names of the people were etched on the back of the image with a date on it and story often unfolded. Countless of questions would be asked about the photo. Our heritage being told over and over and a story unfolded.

These images provided us with a glimpse of the past and allowed us to get to know people we had never meet or who had passed on. And of course it dredged up old memories you had forgotten about. Memories that they captured and we got to re-live. 

Living in a digital age

While we live in a digital age (and anyone who knows me will know that I embrace that) it makes sharing these memories challenging. I have my own iPhone images and hundreds, maybe even thousands, of other images stored on countless external hard drives. 

But the images that I cherish, the images that make me stop in my tracks when I walk by them, the images that my children gravitate to when they are home… Those are the ones that are PRINTED and hung on the walls of our home.

Trust me, I know how important social media and the digital world is for today’s technology-driven consumer. My concern is what will happen when our social news feeds are no longer there? What happens when Facebook is no longer available? Or when your hard drive crashes? Or if you are unable to get your USB to open? How many old phones do you have sitting around that are now empty and have lost all images stored on them? 

Without printed memories, how will your children or better yet grandchildren view the pictures of their parents, of themselves and of their family?

Sharing memories

So I urge you to consider how you would like your legacy to be viewed in 25 years time, 50 years time and even long past your time. My advice — capture your memories and then print them! I am passionate about this topic because it matters to me, as a photographer and as a mom.



  1. Shannon Payne on September 10, 2018 at 12:46 am

    I love this post! Yes, it is so important to not just have digital pictures, but to print them also!

    • Brittney Stefanic on September 13, 2018 at 8:25 pm

      Important, indeed! Also easier said than done sometimes. I think I may put it on my “things to do before the holidays” list and even get some nice canvas prints for myself for Christmas! Have a great day, Shannon. –Brittney

  2. Linda on September 10, 2018 at 2:35 am

    This is so true and I know that many families memories only live on their computer, on their phone or stored on the cloud. As devices change, I even have images on CD’s that I no longer have any way to open. Images that are printed are shared from generation to generation. What a treat to know my children will have images of their beginnings to share with their children.

    • Brittney Stefanic on September 13, 2018 at 8:24 pm

      Such valid points, Linda! I definitely need to get more of my images printed, and I love the ways that Kandi outlined the reasons in this post. Thanks for reading. –Brittney

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