Surviving the Holiday Hustle

Positive Toddler Behavior

The month of December is packed with extra activities, late nights, sweet treats and skipped naps, so it is no wonder that so many toddler families have been reaching out to me for support in promoting positive toddler behavior during bedtime and daytime, too!

This time of year really got me thinking about toddler behavior and how to prevent the big tantrums… You know, the ones in the grocery store when you have to carry your kid out over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Sleeping Baby Inc asked me to write a piece with tips for improved toddler behavior, and I couldn’t help but jump right in! Think of this blog as 3 ways to keep your toddler off the naughty list this holiday season.

How to Encourage Toddler Positive Behavior

A quick preview:

1- Be predictable if your schedule is going to be different than “normal”

2- Be realistic in your expectations

3- Give time to recover from the “off” days


To read the full post and get all the helpful details,

head here!

And if you are look for specific toddler sleep tips, you can check out my transitioning to a big kid bed blog post and success stories of toddler sleepers!



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