DIY Culture the struggle is real

Information overload

It’s no secret that we live in an age of information overload. And for people like me who are Enneagram Type 1 (perfectionistic), the information provided is both overwhelming and encouraging.

When we couple this article/blog/research availability with the Pinterest “do it yourself” DIY culture, it’s no wonder that people are frequently paralyzed with indecision and a lack of results.

The back story of my gut health

This winter, I was confronted with some gut health issues which left me canceling client work and unable to complete bedtime routine with Lincoln. It seemed like each night (or at least 5 nights a week), I was hit with a crippling bloating/pain in my abdomen, and I just couldn’t get past it.

After the holidays, I chalked it up to eating #allthethings + drinking too much wine, so JJ and I decided we would kick off the new year with a round of The Whole 30 Program.

January came and went. We stuck to the plan 100%. No cheats. No added sugar, no grains, no booze, no dairy. He felt like a million bucks. And I was crying in bed on January 30th at 6:30 pm.

I was still sick and our Whole 30 experience did nothing for me.

Enter Google

Woman researching on Pinterest and subscribing to the DIY culture

So, we started to Google, like any good 30 something year olds do. And we found lots of blogs and links and info to meet our search criteria “what to do if Whole 30 didn’t work”.

We read a lot that night and THANKFULLY we were directed to a few gut health specialists (all naturopathic), so I signed up for a few “discovery calls” the following week.

I knew I needed to ask for help. I tried to get behind the DIY culture by exploring “healthy habits” on my own, and no dice. It was time to get profession help.

I paid $2500 for a consultation, tests and results

About 6 weeks later (and a BIG HIT to our HSA card), we had gotten to the bottom of things thanks to a few Zoom sessions and tests that I took at home and mailed to the lab. My naturopathic doc is actually in Seattle, and I’m in rural Nevada. Isn’t technology amazing?

He talked me through the lab results. He explained what small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is and why it was impacting me as it was. We analyzed why the Whole 30 lifestyle changes induced a gut flare up.

He outlined the natural options for treatment and explained the antibiotic options, too. He inspired me to make big changes and heal myself.

And then he “pitched” his on-going support package. I half listened but mostly just nodded my head. I already paid him for his analysis, tests, results and plan.

I knew what I needed to do. I knew what herbs and supplements I needed to take. I didn’t need him or his coaching. I needed to follow his instructions while leaning on Pinterest and the DIY culture.

I ignored his pitch because of DIY culture

He told me everything I needed to know. He let me know what diet to follow to eradicate the overgrowth. He sent me his affiliate link to the shop where I would buy the supplements (THREE MONTHS IN A ROW).

I told him I would talk to my husband about his support options, but I never did. We got off the Zoom call, I ordered the herbals, and off I went.

This was March 7th. Today is June 3rd.

I could be half way through his treatment plan and support, but instead…

I’m battling another flare-up

I have a degree in Biology and a Masters in science education. I am a teacher at heart. I can get buried in the depths of Pinterest as good as the rest of you.

But, the DIY culture failed me in these past three months. I “tricked” myself into thinking that I could go at this alone. That I am smart enough to figure it out. That I am diligent enough to go without the support. That I am head-strong enough to not need the accountability. That I am well enough resourced to beat this gut struggle alone.

I was defeated by the DIY culture

So… Last Thursday I contacted his office (with my tail between my legs and an ache in my belly, literally) to ask for another quote for on-going support.

Today I will pay the invoice and get on his schedule for next week.

I will spend the next 6 months working one-on-one with him.

I will invest in my health with an expert because I am worth it.

I will step away from the DIY culture because though I can do a lot, and know a lot, and research a lot, I am not a gut specialist.

I am okay with asking for help and ignoring the DIY culture on this one.

He can help me more than I can help myself. And that, my friends, is worth all the money in the world.

What does this have to do with sleep?

Well, it doesn’t. My gut issues or bacterial overgrowth have NOTHING to do with your families sleep struggles.

But the DIY culture that I “gave in” to, is the same one that is preventing you from asking for help and getting expert support.

I get it. I’ve been there. Hell, I’m there now.

But, it’s not too late to ask for help, and it’s not too late to invest in your family’s health and well-being.

Just like Dr. G is going to help me reach my “gut goals” , I can help you get those dreamy sleep goals to be your reality as quickly and low stress as possible.

And I promise I won’t make you buy any supplements! 🙂

Cheers to asking for help when you need it and DIYing the rest!



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