I just got off a Zoom call with my team. Well, actually, that call ended at 12:02 and it’s now 12:33. A lot happened in that 31 minutes because I am a work at home mama.

My son got dropped off by our sitter just as the call was wrapping up, so I scooped him up from the door and finished the meeting with him on my lap. He said hi to my colleagues with so much excitement in his voice as he told us about his morning at preschool.

The hustle and bustle

After the call was wrapped up (quite abruptly, I might add), four mom bosses hopped off the video conference and into the rest of our day. One was darting off to Hip Hop Dance class with three kids in tow, another to preK pick up while two of us were headed straight into naptime routine.

After we did potty and a book and a song and a sip of water, I checked in with two clients as I plopped down in on the couch with a Christmas playlist humming in the background. And then it hit me… This is a different life than I ever imagined I would be living. 

Back in the day…

In December 2016, with a 6 month old and a teaching gig, I had a vision for my future and it looked NOTHING like it does now. I never was going to be the mom who stayed home, I never was going to leave the classroom, and I never was going to launch a business.

Life as a teacher was comfortable. The schedule was consistent, the pay was predictable and the days were routine. Those were part of why I loved my job. And the bigger part was that I love the educating and connecting.

Mom boss life is uncomfortable. The schedule is inconsistent, the pay is unpredictable and the days are far from routine. Those are parts of why I love my job. And the bigger part that I love is the educating and connecting.

In a lot of ways, what I do now as a work at home mama isn’t all that different than what I did then.

Except, wait, yes it is!

I hold the keys to my own calendar. I can travel when I want. I don’t have to take a sick day if Linc comes down with a fever. I can shut my computer and rush off to CrossFit at a moments notice. I can check in with clients while on a mountain top, a beach or a cozy couch.

Now, don’t get the idea that it is all rainbows and butterflies on this path of being a work at home mama because I’ll be the first to tell you that it isn’t. I am on my phone all freaking day. I have a tough time finishing any one task before jumping into another.

I work evenings + weekends + holidays, too. I never know when the next client is coming or when they might pay their invoice. My mind trips me up daily, trying to hold me back from making the next leap. I’m worried about what other people see and think and say about me, my business and my family.

But guess what?

I wouldn’t change a thing about this work at home mama life

We have created this life, and we continue creating it every day.

I have grown this business, and I continue growing it every day.

We have raised this kiddo, and we continue raising him every day.

I have changed as a person, and I continue changing every day.

I don’t want comfortable. I don’t want predictable. I don’t want perfection.

I want this gig. I want to stand at the line of discomfort and cross it daily. I want to show Lincoln that you can play hard now and work hard later. I want to make CEO level decisions as soon as I see need for a change. I want to change the lives of families who feel defeated and exhausted and done.

I want to do this, and I will because I am a work at home mama!

Cheers to this life and cheers to sleep,



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