Below you will find the journal of a mom boss who decided to give #75hard a try from Oct 12 through Dec 25, 2020. For each day of the #75hard program. Every night before bed, I recapped the day, shared a photo and reflected on where I was and how I was feeling.

This journal captures it all… The good, the bad, the incredible and the ugly.

I am currently completing phase 1 of the #livehard program and documenting daily on my instagram, @brittneystefanic. Come follow along there to see how the cold showers in the winter are treating me!

1. And on day 1… There were tears! Lots of them!

I’ve officially started #75hard and will be using this account to document the good, the bad and the ugly.

75 days. No booze. 2 45 minute workouts (at least 1 outside). No candy or desserts (that’s the “diet” portion I selected). 1 gallon of water. 10 pages of a self-development book.

Yes this means no Halloween candy. It means no margs during our Arizona trip. It means walks in the snow, the wind and the cold. It means no champs on Thanksgiving morning. It means no ice cream on my birthday. It means a sober Christmas. It means making time to be active on the weekend instead of lounging on the couch in my PJs all day.

And it also means showing up for me. Pushing through mental limitations. Escaping the boredom that I feel trapped by. Leaving my excuses at the door. Defining success by more than my number of clients or the success of my biz.

75 days. The woman who emerges on December 26th will be changed. I guarantee it! 💕

2. “But the results never seem to come quickly enough and so we slide back into our previous routines.”

Day 2 is off to a great start even though Linc is home from school and my morning hasn’t gone as planned. I can be flexible and show up for myself even when it isn’t convenient!

I decided to start reading Atomic Habits again, and I can’t wait to finish it (this time).

I’m most looking forward to the TIME that this mental toughness challenging is providing me. There is no quick fix and this is intended to give evidence of that!

BRB… Gotta pee. 😜

3. Day 3. I like to move it, move it!

Barre at @empowerfitnessgymsnv! Then a sage brush adventure with my Linc. And a great walk with @robyn_gowan!

4. Day 4 naptime hustle.

I love that #75hard is helping me find time for me!

Will I miss the wine and mules this weekend? Of course.

But I’ll enjoy other parts that I’ve been missing!

5. 80s costume for the Halloween bash at Empower!

Traded happy hour for some girl time shakin booties. I’m here for that!

Taking on my first weekend… Nervous but excited! #75hard

6. Day 6… Our Saturday night (wing) bar!

All the choices. All the toppings.

Who said that weekend meals at home can’t be fun?!

7. When your cravings and cramps hit hard at 6:00, the kiddo goes to bed early, and we slay the rest of the weekend to-do list from bed!

Thankful for this guy. Thankful for this life! 💙

See ya tomorrow for week 2!

PS — You should VOTE. All the cool kids are doing it!

8. Today was the first day that my thoughts starting spiraling trying to prove that I don’t have time to complete this challenge.

I knew I’d crave the candy. I knew I’d want the wine. I knew my muscles would be sore. I knew I’d have to pee all day long.

But I didn’t anticipate this concern about time.

Yet it nagged at me all day. Stop the workout video at 30 minutes, you don’t have time for 45. Keep writing that blog post, you don’t have time to walk. Don’t take a break to go fill your water, you don’t have time for that.

1 week in and already realizing why this is a mental toughness challenge.

Here’s the thing little mind of mine… I get to decide how I spend my time.

And for the next 67 days, it’s all about showing up and doing the damn thing! 🙌🏻

#75hard #mentaltoughness

9. Another night, another bed selfie before 7 pm.

I told the boys I’d play cars but only if my sore body could lay in bed while doing it.

Luckily, they obliged.

10. Keeping it real…

Day 10 was hard. I had all of my challenge “tasks” done by 5 pm, so it wasn’t that.

I legit almost talked myself out of it. Had totally convinced myself that the YOLO mentality was more important than the mental toughness.

I texted JJ and said I was gonna be done with it. His response… “Why babe? You okay?” I think he thought I hurt myself.

Yes, I’m okay but this is hard! I want to take a rest day. I was to eat a bowl of ice cream. I want to drink something besides water. I want to sleep in. I want to have a glass of wine. I want to not be constantly thinking about HOW I’m going to do this.

But guess what? I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m in the double digits and not planning on stopping anytime soon. I will continue to make time for me. Even with a jam packed day. Even when school gets cancelled. Even when my head hurts. I’m here for it.

A giant shoutout to my ladies who REALLY showed up for me tonight. You know who you are in the got the SOS message. And I appreciate you for believing in me. It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last. But… let’s keep pushing! 💪🏻

11. And on day 11, I had an incredible get together at my house with some extremely supportive and like-minded girlfriends.

They let me talk about #75hard. They wanted to know all about it. They celebrated the challenge with me. They wanted to know why now and why this.

Tonight I am proud that I poured the wine and at the end of the night, my glass was empty. It was also clean.

Here’s your Thursday evening reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that are the biggest things.

Thanks @sgoicoec13, @meganelson_ and @mindysfitness for holding space for me. I’m ready for the next 64 days! 🙌🏻

12. Kicked off day 12 with my favorite dance class.

Feeling good and pumped to head into the second weekend of the #75hard

13. Tried to snap a pic of our hill rolling but turns out that’s hard to do when you are mid-roll.

Loving what it’s felt like to be outside every day the pay 13 day. Making that time has been powerful!

Tomorrow the “bundle up” begins.

14. It was sunny but dang the whole “feels like 17” was definitely true.

First outside walk bundled up. Many to go!

Heading into week 3! 🙌🏻

15. Today’s workout numero dos was so hard that I lost my glasses and my sock…

It felt good but damn.

Day 15 is done! ✔️

16. Tonight I went to yoga for my 2nd workout. It was the latest that I’ve finished the day because all other days, I’ve done the workouts much earlier in the day.

There were quite a few times today that I felt a sense of panic that I was going to forget to finish. Or that something would come up to interfere with yoga. And that, if that happened, I wouldn’t be able to complete the challenge.

What an interesting thought… It’s almost like my brain thinks that if I don’t workout early in the day, I might as well not workout at all. I wonder how many days I have let that excuse win?!

Learning more about myself every day. And I’m having so much fun thinking about how much exploration is still to come… Thankful to be on the journey.

17. It was dark. It was cold. My glasses kept fogging up. It was boring walking the same hill 24 times.

But in order for my day to go the way I wanted it to go and to fit in all I had planned… I needed to be walking our driveway (on repeat) by 6:15 am so I could be done before Linc woke up and before my 7:30 Zoom consultation.

It took mental toughness and creativity, but my most jam-packed day of the challenge so far is done! ☑️

18. Today I had a mid-morning walk date with this guy (Matthew Mcconaughey.

I’m listening to his book (plus reading another paper book because that’s what counts for the challenge), and LOVING hearing all the “green light” experiences in his life.

Truly starting to see how the various challenges (red and yellow lights) of #75hard are leading to green lights.

I’ve reclaimed my love for a good book during a good walk. I was thinking that chilly, bundled winter walks would be a road block, but what if they are an invitation for hearing more stories?!

Green light.

19. Today was hard.

I didn’t feel good. I wanted to lay in bed. I wanted to drink an apple cider mule and do nothing but stay in my PJs and mope.

But, it was nearly 70 degrees out and movement + sunshine are good for my soul. So I walked twice.

And drank water and read and fueled my body.

And who’s to say I can’t have an apple cider mule on 12/26??

#75hard even when you don’t wanna.

20. Halloween… 2020 isn’t dragon me down. And neither is this damn candy.

Mind over matter. 👊🏻

#75hard #75hardday20

21. Not every November day will be 2 outdoor workouts with blue skies and sunshine.

But I’m here for it as long as it lasts! ☀️💪🏻

22. This pack of Sour Patch Kids was STACKED.

All orange and red. It was calling my name.

But I opened it for Linc and handed it off! Phew!

Onto day 23! 🙌🏻

23. If you need me, you can find me… In bed with my water and my book. No TV, no news, no social and no wine.

Breathing and reading and guzzling water, even on election day.

24. If it weren’t for day 24, I would have sulked around all day, in PJs, mostly in bed, with an open bottle of wine by 4 pm.

But, mental toughness means showing up, getting dressed, doing the push up, walking the miles, filling the water bottle, reading the pages, fueling the body, and passing on wine… Even when it’s inconvenient and hard.

*Not my photo, but one that pretty much sums up the day.

25. Today marks day 25 of #75hard! I can’t say I’ve ever been more proud of a 33.33%. 🙌🏻

This experience has been so eye opening. I’m seeing where my excuses were hiding, I’m showing up for myself, I’m on task and productive, I’m peeing clear, I’m growing muscles. I’m 25 days strong!

Now… We see what the next 50 days will bring. I suspect the same, but MORE! And I’m here for it!

In the words of @officiallymcconaughey… One day in a row!

26. I was going to throw in the towel today.

I was up early to get packed and to the airport by 4:45 am to come visit family for 10 days with Linc.

On the plane, I was reading my book and had decided that I was going to have a drink with my mom tonight.

I was proud of my 25 days but not ready to do this thing on vacation. I was in a total yolo mentality. Looking at the short term, the day to day, the quick fix.

But then I got to their house and there was a box in my room. I opened it to find these 2 new pairs of @hokaoneone shoes.

JJ sent them here. I’m sure he was tired of me saying (night after night for weeks), “don’t let me forget to buy new shoes after we put Linc to bed”. So he decided to surprise me, and the timing was perfect.

I didn’t expect that seeing new shoes would change my mindset. But it did.

I actually cried when I saw them. And I’ve thought about it all afternoon and into tonight… It’s not about the shoes.

It’s about the support. And the belief. And the encouragement. 🥰

So… One pair of these shoes got a Peloton workout while Linc napped. And the other pair a 2.5 mile walk with the fam.

I’ve got 49 days to break them in… 98 workouts. Think I can do it?!

#75hard #75hardday26

27. Woke up this morning and “missed” the first snow at home. I’d say our AZ trip was timed perfectly 😜

Enjoyed coffee in the backyard, a fun hot tub session with Linc and then got to work!

Second ever @onepeloton ride in the books, and I’m hooked.

I wonder if I could fit this bad boy in my suitcase to take it home?!

Or maybe I should order myself one to arrive after on day 76… Like a pre-ordered “congrats you made it” reward.

That’s how much I trust myself on this journey. Dec 26th will be day 76. I will conquer this! Even with vacation, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas parties and Christmas still to come!

#75hard #75hardday27 #75hardmom

28. 4 weeks ago tonight, my sister was visiting and before bed, we were chatting about #75hard and all it entailed.

After a few deets from @leighzaugg, we decided it was crazy, especially with the upcoming 75 days of celebrations and holidays.

And today we met in Arizona, she leashed up @cappyblue, Linc got his bike gear on, we laced up our shoes and we got in my 56th workout in 28 days.

I’m doing the thing, and she’s supporting the thing.

Find your people and love them. (75)Hard.

29. Mental toughness (noun): the ability to sit around a fire pit with your fam and help your kiddo make s’mores while refraining from licking the melted marshmallow and chocolate off your hand.

Tomorrow is day 30…. Gimme gimme s’more

30. This day 30 post goes out to YOU!

You can’t drink the gallons or read the pages for me, but you have done so much more than that to encourage and support this journey.

Seriously, the texts, comments, DMs and check-ins mean so much! The Apple Watch cheers and Peloton invites. Meeting up for walks or virtually listening to me huff and puff while I’m grinding…

I’m doing this for me, but I’m not doing it alone 😍

Happy and proud to hit 40%, friends!

31. Linc snapped this photo of me after my amazingly hard ride today. I was feeling STRONG! And he could tell.

He played with toys on the floor near the bike, and kept looking up shooting me a smile here and there.

He has been part of my “why” for 5 years, since being pregnant with him. And I hope he never stops taking sweaty pics of and selfies with his strong mama!

32. Because November in Arizona is the perfect place for #75hard!

Sunshine hangs with my new book during naptime!

33. When @rubarickman dresses you and takes your pic! Friday night win.

I spy with my little eye a baby bicep 💪🏻

Day 33. Going strong!

34. And on day 34, we made an appointment to go to the @onepeloton showroom.

No final purchase yet, but getting closer 😜

35. Today started with a little sleep in, a much needed pedicure and this book.

It was as a super chill Sunday morning which quickly turned into my hardest challenge day yet.

At 3:30, I hadn’t done either workout, and my thoughts were spiraling (thanks to some overwhelm and some monthly moodiness).

I was over this damn thing. I wanted to mix vodka into the glass of lemonade I had poured for Linc and call it quits. I wanted to sit on the couch and watch football not do another two vacation workouts. I wanted a glass of wine with dinner and then to curl up in bed with a heating pad and a show.

I didn’t want to feel bad about someone watching Linc while I completed my tasks. I didn’t want to feel deprived while the fam ate birthday cake for Tuck. I didn’t want to feel like I was forced into this challenge.

So… I changed my thoughts. I looked at the past THIRTY FOUR days and all I have pushed through. I remembered how amazing it felt this morning when I showed up for myself. I was excited for Linc to have time with the fam without me. I saw my workouts as something I GOT to do instead of HAD to do.

Tonight I relied on evidence. I DO have time. I DO have mental toughness. I DO have a desire to see this through. I get to do this.

Here to tell ya that they don’t call it #75hard for nothing. I might rename it… 75mindfu€k

PS — @rubarickman and @lauriebee3 hooked me up with delicious grapes and fancy cheese and it was WAY better than cake. For reals.

36. This morning Linc and I set out on a hike, and we killed it.

We walked and talked and took in the views. They had great trail signs that showed us the different types of cactus and desert wildlife.

I just love that this little man will adventure with me. Also… 2.5 miles with walking and jogging. Not a single complaint.

Surely got that from his daddy because he almost did me in! ⛰

37. Today we packed up and flew back to Nevada after 11 amazing days in Arizona.

The sunshine was stellar, but the family time was even better.

I left here on day 26 of the challenge thinking that the temptation of booze and sweets would make vacation life harder than “real” life.

Turns out having sunshine, the peloton, a hot tub and two fan girls in @rubarickman and @lauriebee3 made vacation a breeze.

Not sure if you’ve ever returned from a trip without feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation, but IT IS AMAZING!

10/10 recommend, even if it means saying no to the margs and yes to more water.

Wow, I can’t believe I just said that. #75whatthehellishappening??

38. This is my “nest” from the virtual yoga nidra class that @mindysfitness hosted tonight.

To celebrate my halfway point in this challenge, I treated myself to an extra 45 minutes of time for me. And I’m thankful that @officerolive joined me!

I hope I always remember how focused I was today.

Reading and morning routine, breakfast and mom life, workout with Linc, checked in with clients, played a game with Linc, house chores thanks to @engarrison7, team gratitude meeting, outdoor walk with a biz collab call, lunch, chat with my gal pal, chiro appointment, a few other errands and touching base with friends, feed Linc, biz social media, checked in with clients, and then yoga nidra with JJ.

I hope the next time I feel like I don’t have time, I remember today. I remember the love and compassion I gave myself. I remember the way I showed up fully for all parts of my day.

Today was a VERY good day!

39. Wake up early for a barre workout AND bundle up for a working walk?

Yes please, I think I might do just that!

Taking my calls and check-ins outside has been small but super meaningful change.

Sunshine makes me happy. And checking things of MY list, well… That’s how this whole party got started 🙌🏻

40. The bipolarness of this challenge is cracking me up.

For every day that “I’ve got this” there’s at least one that totally “gets me” right back.

Today was a blah day. My thoughts spiraled by noon because I was “behind”. My mind management around having enough time just keeps on surfacing.

But I’ve got evidence galore. I’ve always had enough time. And I always will.

This outdoor workout was far later and far chillier than I planned. But it’s done. And I came home to the boys cooking dinner before our movie night.

One day in a row. Tomorrow we try again.

41. This guy right here might have it harder than #75hard because he was voluntold to see me through this challenge 😜

He has taken it all in stride. Doing even more at home and offering extra time with Linc so I can stay on track.

This morning we did stretching and yoga together, then we tackled chores and our to do list and tonight he cooked me awesome Thai curry.

He checks in to see where I’m at with my gallon and always asks if I took my picture and did my reading for the day.

He makes my grey skies blue, and I’m one lucky lady that he’s mine before, during and after these 75 days! 💕

42. Holy heck… Flashing back 6 weeks ago to Sunday, October 11th and an evening convo over cocktails with JJ and @rubarickman.

I wanted to set goals for myself, and I was craving a way to show up for me. But most importantly, I needed to see that my self-worth is more than the success of my business or the way my son behaves in public.

But there was no way that I was READY for 75 days. Or how damn hard the challenge would be.

When I went to bed that night, I could barely sleep. I knew I needed this. And I needed it soon.

I knew I wasn’t ready, but I also knew I would never be!

So, here we are… I’m holding strong in taking it one day at a time.

The thing is, friends… Showing up before we are ready is a PART OF LIFE.

I suspect you weren’t ready for college or marriage or motherhood. But you have taken it one day at a time, collecting small wins along the way!

I’m beyond grateful that I decided to start well before I was ready. Because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be celebrating day 42!

43. First snowy outdoor workout in the books!

So thankful for some quality snow flurry catch up time with @loceynvrn!

Today I was done with all parts of the challenge by 4. And now I’m ready for bed before 6.

I can’t believe I haven’t yet shared how amazing my sleep has been since adding in extra movement, cutting sugar and not drinking.

Sleep so good it’s almost like I should consider it as a job… 😜

44. And on day 44, she went CRAZY.

Today was nutty because Linc’s school was cancelled last minute, and I had a full day of 4.5 hours of meetings/client work🤪

It was the PERFECT day for excuses. It was the PERFECT day to throw in the towel.

It was also the PERFECT day to show up for me and walk up and down our driveway for 45 minutes while Linc rested.

I got up early, I checked off the boxes, I reminded myself about 234 times that I had TIME.

And we move on to day 45! ➡️

A big thanks to @sarahbelin7 for reminding me to put away the work and bust out the walk because outside time is better in sunshine than darkness!

45. A post of gratitude.

Thankful for this strong and resultant body. 💪🏻

Thankful for this incredible and powerful mind.

Thankful for a hubby that rushes home before dark so I can have time for me. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Thankful for a job that allows me to be home with my sick kiddo. 💻

Thankful for nourishment and rest to make him feel better. 😴

Thankful for a sister and mama who will talk to me while I walk. 📱

Thankful for couch cuddles and PJs all day. 💙

Thankful for a team of incredible woman at Sleeper Teachers who can step in when I need it.

Thankful for supportive friends who lift me up and encourage my big dreams and lofty goals.

Thankful to be 60% of the way through this #75hard! 🙌🏻

46. A quiet day around here spent with my number ones!

Hard to believe it was just us for Thanksgiving. Hard to believe there was no pie. But — this is only temporary.

47. Keepin’ it real… I’m OVER IT today. Legit.

I want to lay on the couch and make a drink and eat some pecan pie filling on top of vanilla ice cream.

If I threw in the towel tonight and started again tomorrow, I could finish on February 10th.

But what the hell good would that do me? None.

I’d be pissssed and back at day 1 on the couch with a bellyache and a hungover.

So… This crew got me through. We bundled up and headed outside.

I still have a half gallon to drink, buuuuuut I didn’t work through my excuses for 46 days to let today break me.

One sip (and step) at a time.

48. We are getting festive up in here!

Today I put on real clothes, and I was like WOAH. I love my joggers, sweats and leggings, but it’s the jeans that tell the whole truth

All sorts of feels and excitement after so much hard work!

I decided to celebrate with a new, fleece-lined beanie from a local boutique.

It’s not going to get any warmer over the next 4 weeks, but I’m ready for whatever comes my way! 💪🏻

49. 2 months ago, today would have been a that I didn’t move my body. I would have written it off as a “Sunday funday”. I would have started with a mimosa by 10 and cocktails by 4. I would have stayed in my PJs all day, binged some Tv and then wondered why my anxiety was sky high at 6 pm.

I’ll be honest… After spending the morning decorating, I didn’t feel like going outside let alone doing 2 workouts and reading and taking my pic and finishing my gallon while eating clean and not drinking.

Biggest takeaway of the last 49 days… We don’t always want to. We don’t always feel like it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t! 👊🏻

Stronger than ever before… Mind, body and soul.

Watch out day 50. I’m coming for ya!

50. Happy birthday to me. Well… I had some expectations about what today would be like. As an enneagram 1, this is pretty much the name of my game 😜

We can go ahead say that the day didn’t go quite as planned. The great news — by this point in 2020, that’s pretty much standard.

The even better news:

-I successfully celebrated my birthday without booze or sweets

-I heard from friends, old and new, today which was so special

-My body is strong and this head cold will be gone in no time

-For the first time in years, I’m staying up late to finish my book

-I was able to reschedule my birthday massage for this coming weekend when I won’t be blowing my nose 5000 times a minute

-My birthday gift (aka the Peloton) should be here later this week

-I have made it 50 freaking days!!! That’s 2/3s of the way. We are ALMOST out of the Ds and into the Cs!

51. Today I declared a birthday redo.

And if I’ve learned anything these past 51 days, it’s that I am in control of my days!

I woke up feeling better and decided I would celebrate my first full day of being 33, so I did!

I could have sulked around being bummed that yesterday was “different”, but I didn’t want that.

So I changed the story and re-celebrated my special day. I completed my fifty first day of the challenge and let me tell you what…

If this is the mental toughness that everyone has been talking about — I don’t ever want to go back!

Edited to add: After thinking more about this… Yesterday was my breaking point. I should have quit. I should have stayed in bed. I should have made a drink. I should have ordered pizza.

But I didn’t. I fell back on my new habits. I bundled up. I moved my body. I took care of me. And that makes ALL the difference.

52. No filter needed.

These two loaded up with me to head out for today’s outside workout.

It was a chilly December sunset adventure that I hope to never forget.

Today was a good day, friends. This challenge is teaching me things about myself that I never imagined knowing.

And spoiler alert… I have a business idea. It involves sleep and movement and motivation and inspiration and routine and showing up for yourself to be your best self and and and…

It was a “brain burst” that surfaced 4 different times today.

It gave me chills while on this walk.

I don’t know what will come of it, if anything, but I happen to know that there is no harm in being a dreamer 💕

53. Today was a HUGE FREAKING DAY.

It started an early morning workout and a chapter from the new book I started, Rock Fuel.

And it ended with a conversation in bed with JJ, telling him about the new direction I am going to be taking in my biz.

Yup — from the little tiny “brain burst” I shared about last night to full on let’s do this thang tonight.

What happened in between 5:30 am when I climbed out of bed and 7:30 pm when I climbed back in was nothing short of magic.

There were tears and big emotions, conversations and intentions, support and confirmation.

Women have reached out about this offering without any of us even knowing that the hell it is.

Things are aligning in ways I NEVER expected.

I’m stepping full in to my visionary state.

Watch out world… HERE SHE COMES! 🌎

54. My brain might explode. My eyes might pop out of my face. My hands might not ever be able to type again…

But IT’S ALL WORTH IT because a beta program is ready! We are going for it. Women are enrolling.

I never ever imagined that my #75hard journey would bring such clarity to my biz, to my next steps, to my calling.

But here we are. Ready to inspire. And VERY ready for bed.

55. Dates in 2020 😷

This afternoon, JJ and I got a sitter for a few hours! And it was the most hilarious date, ever.

First, we went to Lamoille and had @savannah_johnson_photography take our photos. We laughed THE ENTIRE TIME about how awkward we are. At one point, I’m pretty sure JJ closer to kissing my eye than my cheek.

Then we drove around and drove around and drove around. We sang along with 2000s country radio. We looked at his dream truck. We admired Christmas lights. We ended up having sushi for dinner at 4:30. And then we ended our date at the grocery store. 🤪

No, you didn’t need this play by play, but I did.

I want to remember that even with our demanding schedules, COVID restrictions and #75hard tasks stacked against us, we made very intentional time to date today.

We got ready, we left the house, we showed up for ourselves and each other. And that is what this whole thing is about!

Life and happiness are often defined by the big moments, but what if it’s really about all the little ones in between?!

PS — I’ll be sure to share the photos once we get them back because there’s no doubt they will be hilarious!

56. And on day 56 she REALLY WANTED a glass of red.

But she remembered how great it felt to wake up this morning and not have a headache.

And she remembered how far she’s come.

And she remembered why she started.

And she remembered that she has found ways to celebrate without booze.

So she filled up her water and snuggled with her biggest fans on the couch.

57. Lucky that a spreadsheet creating genius lives with me. And supports all my dreams and goals and ideas.

Day 57 is all about TRACKING progress, for myself and the EIGHT women who are in the beta groups with me.

On Wednesday, we start getting unstuck… together! And I can’t freaking wait!

Had a crazy realization today about HOW MUCH CHANGE has come in just 8 weeks. It really is wild! 🎉

58. That glow, though… 😊

Just a friendly reminder that you don’t have to wait until January 1st to make a change in your life.

59 days ago, I went to bed knowing that I’d begin this mental toughness challenge when I was hungover and couch bound on 1/1/21.

Thankful I woke up the next day and just started!

I wasn’t ready. I was scared shitless. I didn’t know if I could do it.

How the hell was I going to make such big changes at such a tough time of year in such a cluster of a year?? I had NO CLUE!

But daaaaaamn I’m glad I didn’t wait. I’d still be at day 0.

59. Tonight we could have had leftovers and salad, but instead we stayed up late on a “school night” and cooked dinner together.

And then we decided to take date night even further and cleaned out the fridge and did so many effing dishes.

Adulting is weird. And we are weirder.

PS — Late for us is anything past 8. See comment above

The coolest thing about the past few weeks is how my relationship with time has changed. Remember how I used to “not have time” to fill my water up a few times a day? Yeah that was so silly. And I’m LOVING this outlook waaaaaay more!

60. Day 60. WTF???

We are at 80%… We are starting the countdown. We are EXCITED about the storm front headed this way and snow that’s looming. We’ve freaking GOT THIS.

Almost all of the questions I’ve been getting about #75hard have been about the physical changes. Wondering if I’ve lost weight. Wondering if I’ve lost inches. Wondering if my “glow” is because the way my clothes all fit now.

And honestly, the physical changes aren’t ever worth mentioning.

I’m not trying to blow you off or ignore physical gains. Yes, I see them. And I’m flattered that you see them, too.

But the mental toughness… Friends. I have no words.


61. Waiting on the snow, like…

Thankful that we can walk less than 2 minutes straight to THIS!

We are 2 weeks away, team.

Let the games begin!

62. When I first hired my first coach, Danielle, 2 plus years ago, we coached about the weather OFTEN.

I remember entire coaching sessions unpacking my thoughts about snow and wind and cold.

I let my thoughts about the circumstance (a weather front) spiral which created negative feelings which ended with me hating being outside unless it was a “perfect” 75.

And then the cycle would repeat. The weather would change, my thoughts would take off and I’d end up “trapped” inside.

Today on my snowy walk at dusk, I cried when I thought about how much I’ve learned in the past 2 years. I reflected on where I was in life when I started with my first coach.

I respect the hell out of who I was and what I believed about myself and my life (and the weather) because I didn’t know better.

But seeing these changes, one day at a time (and one day in a row) MAKES MY HEART SING!

And thinking about who I am on my way to becoming BLOWS MY MIND!

63. So. FREAKING. Productive.

I don’t know if it’s the sleep, the endorphins, the lifted brain fog, the lack of hangover, the food as fuel or the sugar beast being slayed buuuuut it’s epic.

Seriously feeling like I am accomplishing more life in a day than I used to in a couple.

More cuddles, more cooking, more movies, more clients, more quality time, more connection, more ideas, more income, more self care, more reading, more water, more movement… All a result of MORE ENERGY.

Speaking of energy… As we round out the last 2 weeks I’m going to increase the “hard” just a tad. 😜

Not adding tasks or anything, but changing up my routine to make push myself out of the comfort zone that I’ve found. I have found such a rhythm but I want a little more push.

Until I complete this bad boy, 1 workout, my reading, my picture and 1/4 of my water will be done BEFORE coffee and before Linc is up.

This means 12 days with no hitting snooze, no sleeping in, and no morning excuses.

Behind the scenes… I’ll be charging my phone and watch in the bathroom, so I have to get up and moving to turn off the alarm.

I will also not work on the biz during my walks from today forward. No Voxer, no client check ins, no team support, no brainstorm calls.

I’m reserving the outside time for uplifting podcasts or silence. And making other time specific for these work tasks!

So… I’ve got 2 questions for ya.

First, does anyone wanna virtually workout in the next few days around 5:45 or 6:00 am pacific?!?

And second, what are the BEST podcasts or audibles to get me moving and shaking?!?

64. Confidence is key! “When you believe in yourself, you’re unstoppable”.

Thanks for the sweet surprise, @jerica.church! It was everything I needed. When you dropped off the package last night, I didn’t see this in there. Today I was picking up the kitchen and BOOM, there it was this necklace with a key and the above quote.

Today was tough. I woke up early and did all the things. And then Aunt Flo stopped by and YIKES… I’m dragging.

Remembering why the hell I started and using that to push forward. I have confidence that I will be so pumped on 12/26, and that tomorrow I will wake up proud that I didn’t throw in the towel today.

65. And on day 65, she did a THIRD workout instead of opening a bottle of wine.

When Google had its meltdown this afternoon, it made work pretty darn frustrating. So I had two choices. Sit and my computer and panic pout OR move the heck on and use the time for something else.

I’m thankful that I got out of my chair, finished the rest of my gallon and hopped onto the bike.

Thanks @racquel_7 and @jesshartzell18 for the fun ride! Linc happily played on his @nuggetcomfort the entire time, and it was the best way to end our afternoon! 💪🏻

66. 3-a-days? Consistent morning routine? Sober? Showering? Clothes? Make up? Hair?

What the hell? Who am I? And what the heck happened to October Brittney?

If you are on the fence about making a change (no matter how large or small) this is your friendly reminder that you have ONE WEEK until Christmas Eve. And TWO WEEKS until NYE.

I’m curious… What’s one thing you could tweak to end the year better than is it right now?

More water? Less wine? More movement? Less screentime? More music? Less sitting?

It doesn’t have to be epic to be meaningful.

But epic works, too 😜

PS — I’ve you’ve been following along wondering if I’m going to quit this thang… I’m beginning to think I might possibly maybe finish it.

67. I’m not surprised I cried today. But I am surprised I cried on the bike before 6:00 am while pushing through a climb as Pentatonix sang Let It Go.

“It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all

It’s time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for me

I’m free

Let it go, let it go

I am one with the wind and sky”

When I started this early morning ride with @byersal and @lauriebee3, I didn’t know that I’d end up walking through the snow a few hours later.

I didn’t know how many of you would message me wanting to try #75hard after seeing my video today.

I didn’t know that I’d get a third 45 minute workout in for the 3rd day in a row.

I didn’t know how much I would LOVE coaching my first ever business mindset client, @goodmorningsunshine.sleep.

I didn’t know that I’d bond with my son over his love of performing as he sang Christmas songs twirling opposite his classmates with mittens on his hands and a beaming smile on his face.

I didn’t know that I’d celebrate my team for our biggest month EVER (with many many days left).

I didn’t know the meaningful conversation I’d have with my ladies @sgoicoec13, @meganhalosalon and @mindysfitness tonight and what a light our time together would bring.

I didn’t know that my tears this morning would ring so true. But it feels SO damn good to let it go, to test the limits, to push through and to step fully into ME! 😘

68. I’ve been thinking lots about what happens when this whole this is done next weekend… What sticks, what gets modified and what gets sent to garbage with our wrapping paper.

I don’t know all the answers yet, but I will tell ya that my morning routine (workout, stretch, book and water) before Linc gets up has been a game changer.

Gone are the mornings of rushing around and starting the day frazzled.

I’m sure there will be days I “sleep in” but if my morning routine gets to end with warm coffee and cuddles, I’m here for it today and tomorrow! 😘

69. I’ve stripped down the excuses that used to fill the entirety of my comfort zone.

Thoughts/excuses about this challenge before this challenge:

-As a wife, our relationship becomes stronger if we have the same goals

-As a working mom, in order to get quality time with Linc, I need to give all of myself to him

-As a business owner, if I want my business to grow, I have to work harder and more

-As the leader of my team, I must always be available in case they need me

-As an extrovert, if I’m being social, I need to be drinking

-As an empath, I need to be constantly consumed with what other people are thinking and feeling

-As an enneagram 1, it is most fair to give of myself and my abilities

-As a high performer, I don’t have time to add anything else to my plate

-As a perfectionist, I don’t want to take a risk that might result in failure

This morning, I read this passage lying on the couch as Linc played with his toys. JJ was out hunting for the day. 70 days ago this wouldn’t have happened…

JJ would have passed up hunting to hang with Linc on a Saturday while I worked. But with my excuses behind us, we are all winning.

I’m sitting in a bubble bath tonight, while they do bedtime. I’m reflecting on ALL THOSE DAMN EXCUSES.

It’s hard to imagine that leaving my comfort zone squashed all of them, but I can say with clarity and conviction that I’m a new and improved woman. I have this challenge to thank.

I’ve gotten super clear about how I spend my time. I’ve learned released control when I need to. I’ve seen my team excel and grow in ways I could have never expected. I’ve bonded with JJ and Linc BECAUSE of the time I’m taking for myself. I’ve learned a shit ton from the mental clarity and the books. I’ve hired out work tasks so I can show up how and when I desire. I’ve showcased the shit show (far from perfection) and been more vulnerable than ever before. I’ve laughed and cried and built so many freaking muscles that I didn’t know I had.

And next Saturday night as I soak in my bubble bath, I’ll likely be sipping a glass of red wine. Or maybe it’ll be a Moscow Mule!

But aside from that, it’ll be life as the new usual! 💪🏻

70. Let’s talk about motivation…

It might get you started but it sure as hell isn’t going to keep you going.

But discipline will. And repetition. And getting rid of the damn excuses.

I wasn’t motivated to workout on a chilly Sunday morning at 6:30 am, but my habit of my morning routine got me out of bed, and my accountability to my riding buddies got me upstairs, and the music of the ride got me through the 60 minutes.

I lost my motivation somewhere around day 9. But thank goodness I’ve found more important driving forces since then! 💪🏻❤️

71. On day 71, she was reminded that after all of this, she is still a beginner.

Linc and I had some extra time at home this afternoon, so we build a @nuggetcomfort track for him and I popped on an extra workout (also, who am I?!).

About 20 minutes into my Pilates class, I had wild thoughts about how I wasn’t strong enough or coordinated enough to finish it. My thoughts started to run wild, and they were feeding off my shaking body.

I almost starting screaming as I stood up to stop streaming. I was so irritated that I was stuck in this loop, that after ALL this effort, my mind still points out my weakness.

But, as I stood up, I watched this little man as he tried to use the cushions under him to climb backwards up the wall.

He didn’t have a care in the world that his slippery socks held no chance against the smooth wall. He didn’t care if he tried over and over and over again despite gravity literally pulling him back to the ground.

So I plopped back onto the mat and I finished the class. It wasn’t pretty, and it certainly wasn’t easy.

I was uncomfortable with my “beginnerness” especially after mastering SO DAMN MUCH in these past 10 weeks.

But what fun would it be to be comfortable? So, later this week, we will try again. Linc at the wall and me on the mat.

Remembering as I tackle these final few days of #75hard that in the journey of life, there’s nothing wrong with leaning into your inner beginner.

72. Holy SHEET! I was up at 4:45 this morning to hop on a 5 am live ride. Then I read for almost an hour before tackling the day.

What the actual hell is happening?!

Another important question… Is it too soon to start the countdown to my Saturday bevy?

73. So incredibly grateful that this guy gets up early with me to get a move on.

He listens to me bitch and moan about wanting sleep in and being sore and wanting a treat. He celebrates each day, notices the small and large milestones and always double checks that I’ve finished all my tasks. Plus, he gives really killer foot massages and has been booze-free with me for WEEKS.

I didn’t NEED him to do the challenge with me, but damn it helps to have a partner in crime!

74. Lots of talk about the time I’ve “found”, the muscles I’ve grown and the mental toughness that I’ve built.

But not nearly enough about the books I’ve read! These 5 have been so eye opening, as have the 3 audio books that I’ve listened to while walking.

Read: Atomic Habits, Everything is Figureoutable, Audacity to be Queen, RocketFuel and You Are a Badass at Making Money (will finish on day 75)

Listened to: Greenlights, Didn’t See that Coming and The Myth of the Nice Girl

8 books in 75 days and a new habit of daily reading in my morning routine.

All 8 authors speak so highly of a habit I’ve never established… A daily journaling practice!

Today was day 2 of morning gratitude journaling, and I know I am going to love it! ❤️

I still don’t know exactly what comes after tomorrow, but I can say with confidence that I will read and journal each morning.

Merry Christmas Eve, friends. Which also happens to be #75hard Eve, too! 🙌🏻

75. And on day 75… There were tears! Lots of them!

For the past 75 days, I have debated whether or not I would share my reason behind starting this challenge.

I decided that if I finished the thing, I would share it. I never told this to anyone, not even JJ.

Last November, I was road tripping from Palm Springs to Scottsdale after a retreat and “Dreamlover” by Mariah Carey came on my playlist.

I sang along and remember tearing up when a thought came over me that it would be so incredible to one day sing this song to myself about myself.

For the next 11 months (through mid-October), about once a week, I would listen to the song, often while driving or on a walk to check if I were “there yet”.

I wondered if there would ever be a time in my life that I would love myself so fully and so completely that I would be able to be my own dreamlover.

Each week the answer was a resounding no. It didn’t matter how much JJ, Lincoln, my family, my team, my friends or my clients loved me. It didn’t matter how many times I heard I was valued or amazing or helpful or generous or strong. I didn’t feel the love from myself.

Then, I came across the challenge. I didn’t think I would finish it, but I was hopeful that it would lead me to self compassion and true self love, so I committed (despite the upcoming holidays and winter weather) because I didn’t want to listen to that song anymore without being able to sing it to myself.

So today, on day 75, I bundled up for my 2nd workout of my final day of the challenge, and as I was walking out of my driveway, I played my song.

Chills came over my entire body when I sang it to myself. On repeat. With a true love from who I have become and who I am growing to be.

“Dream lover come rescue me. Take me up, take me down, take me anywhere you want to baby now. I need you so desperately. Won’t you please come around cause I wanna share forever with you baby.

I don’t want another pretender to disillusion me one more time, whispering words of forever, playing with my mind.

I need someone to hold on to. The kind of love that won’t fly away. I just want someone to belong to everyday of my life always, so come and take me away” ❤️    


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