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Car Naps: How to Manage when Your Baby Naps in the Car Seat

Accidental car naps can derail your child's sleep schedule. Most parents are familiar with the following situation. You need to run a quick errand and you’re confident you can make it out and ...
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How to Manage Your Child’s 2 to 1 Nap Transition

Figuring out when your child is ready to make the 2 to 1 nap transition can be tricky. Maybe your little one has started rejecting a nap, or possibly they are taking longer ...
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How to Know When my Toddler is Ready to Drop the Last Nap

Figuring out when your child is ready to drop their last nap is tricky. Maybe your little one has started a “nap strike”, or possibly they are taking hours to fall asleep at ...
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The 10 Best Baby Sleep Products According To Sleep Experts

There are so many sleep products out there, how is a parent to know which ones will live up to the hype?! We have you covered with the 10 best baby sleep products ...
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Toddler Sleep — Is it Always This Hard?

We get it... You wanted the cuddles while they were little. And now you want your toddler or preschooler sleeping in their own bed at night and not sneaking into yours. It is ...
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Expert Guidance for Hacking Your Infant’s Ideal Wake Window

What is a Wake Window? As Sleeper Teachers®, one of the most important things that we teach families about infant and toddler sleep is the role that awake periods play in daily schedules, ...
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Back to School Tips for the Whole Family

Parenting in 2021 We can all agree that being a parent over the past 18 months has unveiled challenges that we never imagined… Going back to school in person? Keeping kiddos home? Finding ...
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How to Stop Short Naps and Get Your Baby Napping Longer

You know the drill... You just put your baby down for her first morning nap, and before you can even finish your breakfast, she’s up again 30 minutes later. Rats! Another short nap. ...
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Learning the Skill of Sleep Independence Results in Happier, Healthier Kids

Does this sound familiar? Cue the scene: it’s Tuesday night at 7:30pm, time for your 6 month old to go to bed. A feeling of dread creeps over you when you start to ...
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When Dad Sleep Trains, The Whole Family is Happy

You know the scene -- a new dad jubilantly announces to his friends that he and his partner are expecting. After a few brief words of congratulations, his buddies start offering advice and ...
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6 Hacks for Good Sleep While Traveling with Your Family

Are you ready to resume traveling? After being home for the past year, many families are gearing up to start traveling again. Hitting the road with kids is normally a bit stressful, but ...
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How to Avoid Mother’s Day Disappointment

With Mother’s Day just a few days away in the US, I’ve been reflecting on what the past few years have been like as a mom celebrating this day. The flowers, the “momosas”, ...
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