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The Power of “What If”

Yesterday, my team and I were publicly celebrated for our business milestones and the success of Sleeper Teachers at our annual Sleep Sense Conference. Initially, I was shocked when I heard my name ...
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How to Spring Forward in 2022

Most of us don’t mind in the fall when the time changes and we gain an extra hour of sleep, but with the upcoming 2022 spring forward we miss out on a full ...
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Self Love Means Asking for Help

Can I get real with you? If your life feels like a constant cycle of "rinse and repeat", if you are struggling with the same shit over and over and over, if you ...
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Reconnect with Your Partner this Valentine’s Day

It’s no surprise that couples struggle to connect after becoming parents. Between feeling “touched out” by the end of the day, having little people sleeping between you in bed, being sleep deprived and ...
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So You are Ready for Sleep… Now What?

You do you, Mama Here at Sleeper Teachers®, we are all about the “you do you” parenting movement. We firmly believe that we are each doing our very best to provide exactly what ...
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Newborn confused about sleep

How to Set the Right Foundations for Newborn Sleep

Newborn Sleep - The path of Least Resistance Let’s be honest here... Having a baby is incredibly exciting and joyous. At the same time, most of us are met with a new sense of ...
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Help, Is My Baby Waking From Hunger or Habit?

Why is my Baby Awake in the Middle of the Night? As sleep experts, we get asked all the time whether we think a baby is waking from hunger or habit, especially with ...
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Why Sleep Training Doesn’t Work

Sleep training fail This is going to sound CRAZY coming from a certified sleep consultant who has worked with hundreds of families all over the world, but there are most definitely times when ...
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But I Want to Co-Sleep and Sleep Train!

We get it. We really do. After all, we are mothers ourselves. In fact, we have 13 kids between us. The impulse to stay close to your baby is so deeply rooted in ...
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skill of sleep

What Puts the “Trap” in Sleep Contraptions

 As a team of whole-family sleep consultants, aka the Sleeper Teachers, there are a few questions we hear over and over and over again. Is my child going to cry when we start ...
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Is Sleep Really a Science?

Let me start this post by saying... I am a science nerd. With a Bachelor's in Biology and a Master's in Secondary Science Education, it is no secret that I could talk ALL ...
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Baby practicing safe sleep on back in crib

Safe Sleep Matters

As a first time mom, I am a worry wart I remember the first time my son slept through the night... I slept like crap. Surprisingly, my restlessness had nothing to do with ...
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