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Happy families with sleeping babies

Success as a Sleep Coach

What does it mean to be good at what you do? Over the past decade of my adulthood, I have seen success in the many different roles that I've played on a daily ...
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Baby sleeping and baby eating.

The Great Debate — To Eat or Sleep?

Is sleep as important as diet? I’m sure you can guess what my answer is to this question, since I am, after all, a pediatric sleep consultant. I tend to put a high ...
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Mom sitting in car with two happy children

Traveling with Tots in Tow

The packing list grows Anyone who has traveled with a little one knows how much stuff they require, even for a quick overnight trip! It is crazy how someone so small can end ...
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You’re Going to Do What?!

My journey to restful nights It is likely that prior to following me many of you had never even heard of a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, so you are may be asking yourself (or ...
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