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Is The Sleep Sense™ Program a Good Fit for Your Family?

By Brittney Stefanic / May 27, 2018

Why Sleep Sense? The Sleep Sense™ Program was created by Dana Obelman, a renowned sleep expert who believes that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. Research shows that a well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy,…

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Smart toddler girl wearing big glasses while using her laptop

Let’s Talk (Truth) About Sleep, Baby — 5 Common Myths About Pediatric Sleep

By Brittney Stefanic / May 1, 2018

Blah, blah, blah – The sleep advice rolls in I can clearly remember, like most mothers do, the very moment I found out I was pregnant for the first time. It didn’t take…

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Happy toddler who slept later than 4 am!

April Tip of the Month — Sleeping Past 4 am!

By Brittney Stefanic / March 31, 2018

What’s with the 4 am wake up? That right there might be the single most common question that parents ask. Is it a developmental milestone? A regression? Are they getting too much sleep…

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Crying baby who is overtired

How to Prevent Overtiredness

By Brittney Stefanic / February 21, 2018

Bonus February Sleep Tip Don’t mess with the rhythm! If there’s anything that can send your child’s sleep off the rails or there’s any one arch-enemy for sleep training, it is, without a…

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Mom frustrated with nap time

“Crap” Naps – What they are and how to fix them!

By Brittney Stefanic / January 31, 2018

The curse of the short nap Your baby wakes up in the morning after a decent, but not amazing, night. You feed her, change her, play with her for a little bit, take…

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Happy baby who is well-rested as a new years resolution

New Year, More Sleep!

By Brittney Stefanic / December 31, 2017

When chatting with future clients, there is one question that I get asked most frequently – “When will my child sleep through the night?”

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Sleep tips during the holidays

Jingle All the Way — How to help your little ones sleep this holiday season

By Brittney Stefanic / December 1, 2017

Between the travel, excitement, constant attention and then travel all over again, the holidays are the single easiest way to throw all of your hard work out with the wrapping paper and turkey bones. But I’m happy to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Mom sitting in car with two happy children

Traveling with Tots in Tow

By Brittney Stefanic / September 5, 2017

Over the past year, we have traveled quite a bit with our son, both near and far. We have found a few “must have” items that are definitely worth adding to the packing list. Below I have listed (and linked) the three items that we are sure not to leave home without.

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