Success Studies

When Dad Sleep Trains, The Whole Family is Happy

By Brittney Stefanic / June 10, 2021

You know the scene — a new dad jubilantly announces to his friends that he and his partner are expecting. After a few brief words of congratulations, his buddies start offering advice and…

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How to Find Success When Sleep Training

By Brittney Stefanic / January 16, 2019

Why is “it” so hard?! Breaking old habits is hard. Creating new habits is hard. Trusting your (tired) gut is hard. Sticking to a plan is hard. Yes. I agree 100% with all…

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Healthy sleep for newborns

Creating Healthy Newborn Sleep Habits

By Brittney Stefanic / September 6, 2018

How soon is too soon to promote healthy newborn sleep habits? When families of newborns reach out to me for support, the first question I typically get asked is “Is it too soon…

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Sleeping through the night saved these families

Sleeping Through the Night Success Stories

By Brittney Stefanic / August 31, 2018

Those night feeds, though… Parents of children who wake frequently often come to me out of desperate exhaustion. When your child wakes several times a night, doing whatever you can to keep them…

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Success Stories in Overcoming Toddler Sleep Struggles

By Brittney Stefanic / July 18, 2018

Toddler Sleep Struggles Sleep challenges with toddlers look a lot different than newborn or infant sleep challenges. Tots are too big to be contained by a crib, are mature enough to try to…

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Dad holding baby during nap time

Nap Time Success Stories

By Brittney Stefanic / July 6, 2018

Nap time is frustrating… Nap time is frequently a source of nail biting, hair pulling anxiety for many of the families that reach out to me for sleep support. I often hear from…

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