Things that Keep Me Up at Night

How to Avoid Mother’s Day Disappointment

By Brittney Stefanic / May 6, 2021

With Mother’s Day just a few days away in the US, I’ve been reflecting on what the past few years have been like as a mom celebrating this day. The flowers, the “momosas”,…

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The Power of “What If”

By Brittney Stefanic / April 21, 2021

Yesterday, my team and I were publicly celebrated for our business milestones and the success of Sleeper Teachers at our annual Sleep Sense Conference. Initially, I was shocked when I heard my name…

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Self Love Means Asking for Help

By Brittney Stefanic / February 11, 2021

Can I get real with you? If your life feels like a constant cycle of “rinse and repeat”, if you are struggling with the same shit over and over and over, if you…

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Help, Is My Baby Waking From Hunger or Habit?

By Brittney Stefanic / February 19, 2020

Why is my Baby Awake in the Middle of the Night? As sleep experts, we get asked all the time whether we think a baby is waking from hunger or habit, especially with…

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Why Sleep Training Doesn’t Work

By Brittney Stefanic / February 11, 2020

Sleep training fail This is going to sound CRAZY coming from a certified sleep consultant who has worked with hundreds of families all over the world, but there are most definitely times when…

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Baby practicing safe sleep on back in crib

Safe Sleep Matters

By Brittney Stefanic / April 11, 2019

As a first time mom, I am a worry wart I remember the first time my son slept through the night… I slept like crap. Surprisingly, my restlessness had nothing to do with…

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How to Maintain Your Identity as a Mom

By Brittney Stefanic / March 4, 2019

Guest Post by Cynthia Shedd, Uniquely You with Cynthia You were someone before you were their mom, and that person matters! Have you ever thought about the words that you want people to…

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Mom spending quality time with her son outside

How do children spell LOVE? Quality Time!

By Brittney Stefanic / July 25, 2018

A guest post by Megan Barella, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator Connection, through quality time, is a biological necessity for children From a survival standpoint, your children are wired to connect with you to…

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