Things that Keep Me Up at Night

Working mom at home with two babies

Mom Bosses, Unite

By Brittney Stefanic / May 15, 2018

I am so excited to be sharing this edition of “Things That Keep Me Up At Night” with you because it is a guest post written by a former client and now dear…

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Mom showing off body post-pregnancy

That Mom Bod… By Nicole Atwood

By Brittney Stefanic / April 16, 2018

This guest blog post is written by a fellow mom-boss, Nicole Atwood. Nicole is a mamma to two living in Northern Utah. In her “down time” as a mom, she is a the brains…

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Things that keep me up at night… MOM GUILT.

By Brittney Stefanic / March 14, 2018

Surprise travel This past weekend, I flew up to Vancouver, British Columbia to surprise a dear friend of mine, meet her new baby, spend quality time with her toddler and support their family…

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Core and pelvic floor after pregnancy

Guest Post by Core + Pelvic Floor Trainer, Nicole Atwood

By Brittney Stefanic / December 11, 2017

The core and pelvic floor is the foundation to our body, and just like a foundation of a house needs to be strong and structurally sound, so does the foundation of our body!

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You’re Going to Do What?!

By Brittney Stefanic / August 29, 2017

Fast forward a few months and his sleep skills continued to improve, and we had a master sleeper on our hands. My husband and I had no idea how lucky we were! As first-time parents, we just assumed that all 12-week-olds were sleeping 10 hours through the night. Come to find out, that is NOT the case.

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