Meet Sara Cuthbert

Senior Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Denver, Colorado


Hi there, Sara here! I am a pediatric sleep consultant based in Denver, Colorado. I not only love all things sleep, I also enjoy skiing, traveling and spending time with my friends and family. I love supporting exhausted Colorado families and parents all over the world remotely to teach their little ones to sleep so that everyone in the family gets the rest they need.

As a mom of two teenagers, I’ve been through the highs and lows of parenting! Teaching emotional intelligence and creating secure loving attachment have been at the forefront of our parenting approach. 

In my work as a Denver based sleep consultant, I create customized sleep plans for my clients, and then accompany them through the sleep teaching process so that we reach their sleep goals as quickly as possible.

Sleep struggles, at any age, can be solved. After working with more than 100 families, my expertise in sleep, early feeding and parenting guide the relationships I have with my clients. I love helping families safely get the rest they need in order to enjoy more of this journey.  

We worked with Sara Cuthbert and she was incredible. Our 3 year old, who had always been an amazing sleeper, went through a crazy sleep regression where she was coming into our room 10+ times a night and waking up before 5am. Sara was recommended to us by a friend and she truly saved our sanity. In 2 short weeks, our daughter not only was back to sleeping soundly through the night, but she was also falling asleep easily and staying in bed until 7am. We are now several months out and she is still sleeping through the night, bedtime is easy and she wakes up at a reasonable hour. This program was worth every penny!

- Caitlin McWhorter