Meet Becka Payne

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


Hi, tired parents, I'm Becka! I was born and raised in Southern California, however I've been in Northern Colorado for the past 16 years. I live here with my husband, two daughters, our big fluffy dog and our new Doberman puppy. I have my degree in Sociology and Human Development & Family Studies from Colorado State University.

I started babysitting when I was 12 years old and have continued to work with parents and children in one way or another ever since. I currently run an in-home daycare, raising my two girls and my honorary 6 others! I'm excited to help support families in this new capacity as a Sleeper Teacher!

My baby is sleeping!! Not waking up every two hours to nurse! Miracles do happen! My life has been changed since talking to Becka Payne, one of the Sleeper Teachers. She is so knowledgeable and pays attention to the fine details that have helped my baby finally sleep. I felt like I tried everything before talking to Becka -- but I hadn't tried Sleeper Teachers. I've been fortified with information, tips and encouragement. And that is all priceless when it comes to getting the family to sleep!

-- Heidi, mom of 6 month old

Becka's Sleep Story

My husband and I worked with Beth in January 2020 to teach sleep to our then 9 month old. We had successfully taught our older daughter to sleep, but for whatever reason, the second one was trickier. Within just two (!!) days, our youngest was a sleeping champion! My husband and I didn't even know what to do with our free hands and time. It literally changed all of our lives and gave us precious time back with our oldest daughter. Our friends also benefited from our newfound freedom with nights out on the town! Having learned some of the skills of teaching sleep from Beth, especially age appropriate wake windows, I have also been able to help teach sleep to some of the children in my daycare. 

After working with Sleeper Teacher Beth and getting to know Brittney through social media for the last 2 years, I knew I would love to help families get the rest they all need.

I am thrilled to join the Sleeper Teachers® team and help more families enjoy the gift of sleep. So if you're an exhausted caregiver who is ready to feel re-energized use this link to book a free sleep evaluation call with me.