Meet Beth Wells

Senior Consultant

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


I currently live in Northern California, with my husband and our two daughters. I am a graduate of California State University, Chico with my BA in Liberal Studies.

I was an elementary teacher for ten years before deciding to stay at home with our amazing girls. As a mama at home with my littles, every day presents new challenges and rewards, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

"We worked with Beth and have been blown away by the results! Her daily support and encouragement gave us the confidence to implement the plan she provided. We no longer have a battle at bedtime and everyone in our house is now getting a full night of sleep!"

-- Steph, Toddler Mom

Beth's Sleep Story

My husband and I worked with Brittney four years ago to sleep teach our two daughters (then 6 months and 2.5) with two sequential sleep packages. Within a few weeks we were all successfully sleeping through the night, and I realized what a huge difference solid sleep had made for all of us. As a mom, I was more patient and much happier (I LOVE sleep)!

After deciding I would not return to teach in a classroom setting, I knew I still wanted to help others. As a member of the Sleeper Teachers® team, I have the AMAZING opportunity to share the joy of sleep with other families and teach sleep skills every day!

So…if you are a parent needing help finding the joy in sleep, let’s chat. Use this link to book a free sleep evaluation call with me.

Cheers to sleep,