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Brittney Stefanic, BS, MS, Founder and CEO of Sleeper Teachers ™

As a recovering perfectionist, I look back at my birth plan and giggle. Yup, I was that mom who actually printed it out and placed in a folder. I was also that mom that didn’t even have a bag with me when I was wheeled in for my emergency c-section… OOPS!

None of those first few months of my motherhood went as they “should have” based on the obscure expectations I had set for myself and my brand new family, but those months were pivotal in preparing me for the wild ride that is parenting. 

Parenting is full of ups and downs, laughter and tears, long days and short years. Parenting is hard. Parenting while exhausted is even harder.  

“Once she started sleeping better at night and napping better during the day, she became the best baby!! With sleep, the previously non-stop fussy baby became an absolute doll who just smiles and giggles all the time!  It was a true transformation that is priceless!

Emily, mom of 4 month old

Brittney's Sleep Story...

When I tossed out my birth plan and became a mom to Lincoln, I quickly realized that my hobby of sleep and my new job of "mom-ing" didn't mesh well. Lucky for me, all changed when I realized I could TEACH my little man how to sleep. It was his pediatrician who pointed this out to me, and as a science teacher, I was hooked on learning more about infant sleep so I could teach him #allthethings.

After he started sleeping, I started sleeping, and after I started sleeping, I started to feel more like myself again. The heavy fog of postpartum depression and anxiety slowly lifted, and my relationship with my husband, JJ, became one of admiration and love rather than resentment and guilt.

Sleep is a powerful thing. And I just had to share it!

I fearlessly launch Brittney Stefanic Sleep Consulting, a pediatric consulting biz, in August of 2017. I knew that if I could help one exhausted family, it would be worth it. But one turned into 100 which turned into 300 and is climbing every week.

Then, I received my adult sleep certification because I realized that even after little ones were sleeping, Mom and Dad still had long stretches of anxiously lying around at bedtime, ongoing battles with their own middle of the night wake-ups, and one heck of a time prioritizing their own sleep.

As the 2017-2018 school year wrapped up, I left my high school teaching job, so I could grow as a sleep consultant and through that growth, Sleeper Teachers™ was born.

As a team, we are committed to educating and supporting families around the world in finding sleep solutions!

There is a common misconception that sleep plans, one-on-one support and lofty sleep goals are just for pediatrics, but I’m here to tell you that could not be further from the truth. In fact, getting solid sleep as adults actually allows us to be better parents, employees, lovers and dreamers!

So, what do ya say… Let’s get you dreaming again!

To join forces, fill out this quick sleep support interest form which will give me an idea of where you are currently struggling most with sleep.

Then, you will be invited to schedule our free initial evaluation call where we will chat about your sleep goals and the quickest way to take you from frustrated and sleep-deprived to empowered and revived.

Cheers to sleep,