Meet Emily Grajeda

Senior Consultant

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


My husband and I live in northern Colorado with our daughter, Adelyn, our son, Bennett and our 3 dogs. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Northern Colorado and have been a teacher for 10 years. Between the two kids, my teaching job and my sleep clients, I keep myself pretty busy -- and I love it all!

“From our first conversation, I was reassured that working with Emily would be as painless as possible for both myself and my son. She had used the program herself so she knew first hand the struggles I was experiencing. Since night 1, she has celebrated the accomplishments with me everyday and has guided and encouraged me through the rough patches. It has been one week and my son went from not sleeping in his bed at all to sleeping in his bed every night with little to no wakeups and minimal tears from either of us! This program works, and Emily is great!”

-- Cassie, Preschool Mom

Emily's Sleep Story

We worked with Brittney as our Sleep Teacher when Adelyn was about 11 months old. She had never slept through the night and kept getting progressively worse. The results of hiring Brittney were almost instant! I was shocked and so intrigued by the whole process.

When I got the opportunity to work as a Sleeper Teacher, it felt like a perfect fit for my background in education and love of sleep. The idea of giving the gift of sleep to others just like Brittney had given us while teaching families about the science of sleep is something that speaks to my soul. I am thrilled to have supported over 70 families in getting their lives back through sleep consulting. 

Since having Bennett this past summer, my love and appreciation for a good night sleep has been reignited. Unlike with his big sis, we started with a solid sleep foundation from the start with Bennett, and it has been incredible! I have realized how much a difference great sleep makes with not just the first child, but the second one, too. 

If you are that exhausted parent who is ready to live your life again, I’m here for you! Let’s connect in a free sleep evaluation call and get things started!

Cheers to sleep,