Meet Nicole Melton

Senior Consultant

Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Sleeper Teachers 2021 Branding Session

Hey ya'll! Originally from Atlanta, GA, I now live in beautiful Charleston, SC with my midwestern husband Jonas and our two girls, Maddie and Sophie. I graduated from The University of North Carolina Wilmington with a BA in Communications where I also played soccer. Post graduation, a case of  Wanderlust led me to living in Aspen, Spain, and Chicago before recently settling back to my Southern roots.

I am a certified personal trainer with a specialization in pre/post natal fitness for women as well as a Carleston based certified sleep consultant. I have a passion for helping families live their healthiest lives through fitness, nutrition and, of course, SLEEP!

I love being outside and exploring Charleston whether it be via paddleboard, bike, golf-cart or boat. I've recently picked up tennis and hope to join a team next year.

"Working with Nicole has been a complete life saver for our family! Our daughter not only can sleep through the night but she falls asleep independently and is taking two long naps instead of cat naps throughout the day. She is such a smiley baby now and we are all rested and happer!"  -- Nikki, mom of 10 month old

Nicole's Sleep Story

Like with most first time parents, I had no idea what to expect or what to do in regards to my daughters sleep. How much should she get? Why does she only like to nap ON me? Is it normal to wake up 6 times a night?  My husband and I were often relying on Google to answer all of our sleep questions!  After months of what seemed like trying every method out there, my daughter eventually started sleeping well. (It's still unclear how we managed that one!)

Fast forward 2 years, here comes baby #2 and we think we have it all figured out....WRONG!  We quickly learned that what works with one baby doesn't mean it's also going to work with another. Juggling the needs of a toddler on top of our poor sleeping baby had left us just plain tired (and grouchy). 

We decided to get help from the professionals and followed a custom sleep plan. Not only were we educated on our child's sleep needs, we were also given the confidence and support to implement strategies to get the entire family sleeping well again. This experience was so life changing that I decided to get certified in this method and have now been helping other sleepy families for three years!

If you are looking to get the sleep you and your family want and NEED, I can help! Just click here to schedule a free eval call with your Charleston based sleep consultant.