Meet Sara Cuthbert

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


My family is grateful to live in sunny Colorado where we ski, camp, travel and watch our children play sports and make music. I believe that my life is where my attention is and MY attention is on thriving in joy, love and peace!

ALL parents face challenges and I know personally how powerful it can be to ask for and receive support.  Thankfully, sleep is something we can improve together and as a certified sleep coach and lactation counselor, I love helping families safely get the rest they need in order to enjoy life to the max!

"Parents: do yourself a favor and work with Sara Cuthbert to improve your kids' sleep. She's super knowledgeable and really easy to work with; we saw major results within just a few weeks - and those improvements have stuck. The best part has been getting to spend more time with our daughter in 'happy mode' now that she's getting enough sleep (and so are we!). Sara's strategies are long-term and easy to internalize, so you will develop instincts to continue helping your child as they grow and their sleep evolves."

--Christopher J. - Dad of a 6 Month Old

Sara's Sleep Story

Being a mom has brought my greatest joys and my biggest lessons. In 2005 we had our son William and quickly became exhausted! We wanted to be "perfect" and never wanted him to cry (sound familiar?).  Guess what? He cried anyway because he was sooooo tired. At 9 months I still nursed him every 2 hours around the clock! I was in a world of hurt because everything I had was going into our baby and we needed help. Custom sleep support wasn't a thing yet so we muddled our way through and it was messy.

Fast forward to 2008 with our little Nora. At 3 months I realized we were headed down the same road. (Cue the tears and the fear)  Babies aren't naturally "good" at sleeping. As with all life skills, sleep is something we teach our children. We bought a custom sleep support program (using the method I teach today) and 3 days later she was sleeping 12 hours at night and naps were shaping too.  Miracle? No! Informed parents with teachable skills and valuable support? ABSOLUTELY!!

I don't know about you, but I love the guidance of a trusted expert. I am grateful to be a sleep and lactation coach because I know two important truths. 1 )Like water and food, sleep is non-negotiable and 2) As parents we can thrive, not just survive! Go ahead and book a free eval call with me. I would love to meet you!