Meet Emily Grajeda

Senior Pediatric Sleep Consultant

 in Colorado


Hi there, Emily here! I am a pediatric sleep consultant based in Northern Colorado. I live here with my husband, daughter, Adelyn, our son, Bennett and our 3 dogs. I love supporting exhausted Colorado families and parents all over the world remotely to teach their little ones to sleep so that everyone in the family gets the rest they need.

I create customized sleep plans for my clients, and then accompany them through the sleep teaching process so that we reach their sleep goals as quickly as possible.

With a background in elementary education, I am passionate about teaching the science of sleep and sharing the incredible health and developmental benefits it offers to us and our littles. Between my two kids, my teaching job and my sleep clients, I keep myself pretty busy -- and I love it all!

“From our first conversation, I was reassured that working with Emily would be as painless as possible for both myself and my son. She had used the program herself so she knew first hand the struggles I was experiencing. Since night 1, she has celebrated the accomplishments with me everyday and has guided and encouraged me through the rough patches. It has been one week and my son went from not sleeping in his bed at all to sleeping in his bed every night with little to no wakeups and minimal tears from either of us! This program works, and Emily is great!”

-- Cassie, Preschool Mom