Meet Sarah Belin

Senior Sleep Consultant

New England

Sleeper Teachers 2021 Branding Session

Hey there, Sarah here! I am a pediatric sleep consultant based in New England (Maine) with my husband and three young children. I love supporting exhausted New England families and parents all over the world remotely to teach their little ones to sleep so that everyone in the family gets the rest they need.

During my work as a sleep consultant, I create customized sleep plans for my clients, and then accompany them through the sleep teaching process so that we reach their sleep goals as quickly as possible.

With a B.A. in Sociology and M.A.T in Elementary Education, I am passionate about teaching the benefits of sleep. As an educator, helping others has always been my passion. When I became a mom and left the classroom, this passion for serving didn’t end, it just changed!

“Bedsharing and having our baby sleep on us was never our plan, but it was what was working best for us to get the most amount of sleep. We found Sarah and our lives have literally changed in two weeks. Our baby is the happiest he has ever been, is falling asleep independently in his own crib prop free, and staying asleep through the night! Seriously, the Sleep Teachers are amazing and SO worth it!"

--Dana, Mama of a 4 month old