Don't Let Stress Steal Your Sleep

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Let’s face it. Stress levels are high.


Between layoffs, school closures, working from home, financial uncertainty, change in routine, health and safety concerns, and overall fear of the unknown, it’s no wonder that we are all experiencing a wide-range of emotions daily.


With all my social media scrolling (confession, I fall deep into the same rabbit holes that you do), I’ve seen hundreds of posts about stress eating, stress baking, stress drinking, stress shopping, stress Netflix binging, stress yelling, stress crying, and stress arguing...


But not a single post about stress sleeping.


There is a biological reason here... When stress is high, cortisol (the hormone that acts like nature’s build-in alarm system) levels are also high.


If your smoke alarm, house alarm, car alarm or phone alarm were going off, would you be able to sleep?


Probably not. Me neither.


So... That tossing and turning at bedtime, long wake up at midnight, or inability to fall back to sleep at 4 am is YOUR BRAIN preventing YOUR BODY from resting.


The bad news -- if you don’t make some changes, you can’t expect to see a change. That means sleepless night after sleepless night as long as we are living the life of COVID-19 with sheltering in place, quarantine schooling, working at home, and financial uncertainty.


The good news -- If you’ve had enough stress-induced insomnia and are ready to catch some zzzs again, I’ve got strategies to share with you.

Masterclass details

Who: Struggling adolescent or adult sleepers

What: Expert guidance for protecting your sleep needs despite current stressors

When: Monday, April 13th, 7:00-8:00 pm Pacific (recording available to all registered participants for 48 hours)

Where: Your couch or bed or kitchen table

Why: As Sleeper Teachers, we pride ourselves on quallity sleep education when families need it most. And that, my friend is RIGHT NOW! During this challenging time, sleep is the ULTIMATE way we can care for ourselves and our families – mind, body and soul.

Register here to join me in learning HOW you can prevent stress from stealing your sleep!

I look forward to seeing you Monday. Hang in there, sleep help is on the way.

Stay healthy,

Brittney Stefanic

Certified Whole-Family Sleep Consultant

Founder of Sleeper Teachers

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