toddler moving to a big kid bed

By far the most common question we get about toddler sleep is when and how parents should transition their little one to a toddler bed. The tricky thing is, many times this question comes after they have already begun the transition, and it’s not going so well for their child. Here at the Sleeper Teachers…

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Healthy sleep for newborns

How soon is too soon to promote healthy newborn sleep habits? When families of newborns reach out to me for support, the first question I typically get asked is “Is it too soon to sleep train?”  The short answer is, yes. But the better answer is… Your newborn is too little to formally sleep train,…

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Dad holding baby during nap time

Nap time is frustrating… Nap time is frequently a source of nail biting, hair pulling anxiety for many of the families that reach out to me for sleep support. I often hear from parents that their baby’s naps rarely exceeds 45 minutes, or that they’re afraid a long nap is making bedtime more difficult. Some…

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