Hey there Project Village Families -- 

It is important to know how often to offer nap and what time to aim for bedtime so your little one doesn't get overtired, but jeeeeeze, these wake windows and schedule recommendations are complicated! And, like all parts of parenthood, just as soon as you figure it out... BOOM, it changes again!

We know how frustrating it can be to try to find the "sweet spot" of your little one's sleep, so we are excited to be sharing with you this FREE guide.

To be honest... This is expert wake window guide is PURE GOLD, and you might want to even print it out and stick it on your fridge. Or maybe you'll even love it so much that you'll want to sleep with it under your pillow?!

But, seriously this is typically an expert guide that we only share with clients we coach 1-on-1, but we know how valuable it is, and we know how frustrated you are!

To get your hands on it:

1 -- fill in your information here,

2 -- head to your email,

3 -- open the email from Sleeper Teachers as fast as possible,

4 -- implement our expert guidance on wake windows and be amazed at how nap length improves and bedtime protest decreases!


You'll be thanking us later, and your little one will be too!

Cheers to wake windows no longer being the top hit of your Google search bar,

Brittney and the Sleeper Teachers®