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Ready for better sleep?

How to work with Brittney:

Step 1: Submit a sleep support interest form so I can learn more the sleep struggles you are experiencing. This form will help me determine how I can best help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Step 2: Hop on a sleep evaluation call so we can chat about all the sleep things you are struggling with and talk about how we will work together to get your sleep goals met as quickly and low stress as possible.

Step 3: Dream about what a full night of sleep will feel like as I create a sleep plan specific to your sleep struggles and goals.

Step 4: Get a virtual consultation date and time scheduled ASAP so we can get started with your customized sleep plan.

Step 5: Sleep again, FINALLY, with me as your accountability partner and support person for the duration of your sleep plan.

The investment for 4 weeks of my expert sleep support is $1750 or 6 weeks for $2000.

"After only a few days into the plan, I already started to feel big improvements... I have gotten better nights sleep than I have in a long time"

-- Mike, Insomniac for 20 years

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Solve Your Sleep Package

Investment starting at $1750

If you are dreaming of...

  • Starting your day clear headed and well-rested
  • Lying down at bedtime and easily falling asleep
  • Remaining asleep all night long
  • Seeing your bed as a restful and peaceful sanctuary
  • Having energy for all of the things you've been missing out on
  • Putting your health and happiness at the top of your priority list

Then… You are ready to invest in solving your sleep struggles and finding solutions to get you rested, finally!

What sets me apart in the sleep coaching industry is that I can help YOU, not just your littles. Plus, you have me in your back pocket for the duration of your 4-week sleep plan. This allows me to:

  • HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE in getting your life and your room back,
  • TROUBLESHOOT THROUGH ROADBLOCKS and turn your frustration into sleep confidence,
  • SUPPORT YOU IN MAKING SLEEP CHANGES that finally allow you to get the quality sleep you need and deserve, and
  • CHEER YOU ON as you become a more skilled sleeper!

As a former classroom teacher, I know how important individual support is to achieving success, and I believe that the most important part of this whole process is my connection with YOU. It’s no secret that change is hard. Breaking old habits is hard. Creating new habits is hard. Trusting your (tired) gut is hard. Sticking to a plan is hard.

When we are exhausted and trying to do #allthethings, it is incredibly difficult to make a plan, follow through on a plan, alter a plan when needed and see success from a plan.

This is why I make myself available to you through a snazzy walkie-talkie and texting app called Voxer. Because, as a busy adult, I’ve been in your shoes! I understand that you may have a quick question but don’t have time for a 20-minute support call with me. I get that sometimes you need support RIGHT THEN and you don’t want to wait until our calendars have an opening for a formal check-in call.<

So, Vox me. And as I am unloading my dishwashers, folding the endless piles of laundry or posting my latest success story on IG, I will Vox you back.

We will connect. And you will see even more success with your own sleep progress.


I will teach you, hold your hand, troubleshoot with you, celebrate the big moments and recognize the little ones.

I am honored to be YOUR accountability partner and sleep coach as you step into the journey towards better sleep. YOU will sleep again...all night long.