Meet Chas Gingrich

Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Wes&I bed

My husband and I live in Oklahoma with our son, Wesson, and our fur baby, Tuesday. I graduated with my BA in Elementary Education from Penn State University and have a Master's Degree in School Counseling from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I taught in our local public school for 6 years before deciding to stay home with our little man.

I am a lover of all things cooking and food, dogs, a good 30 minute workout, family, and of course SLEEP!

"My little guy (19 months) was stubborn, but with the help of the Sleeper Teachers' support I had the courage to keep trying and pushing through the nights and naps and not give up! Not only do they give advice but they are there to encourage and give emotional support as well! I can proudly say my little guy sleeps through the night and naps all by himself! They helped me teach him the greatest lesson of all! Sleep! They were always there answering my questions and it was like they were with me, guiding me through one of the toughest things I have done before! By day 4 he was sleeping through the night and able to connect his sleep cycles!!! Thank you Brittney and Chas!"

-- Ash, Boy Mom

Chas' Sleep Story

I first worked with Brittney when I was pregnant and at home on bed rest. I’ve always been obsessed with getting adequate sleep, so when I found her on Instagram and saw the opportunity to learn all about prenatal and newborn sleep in an hour long webinar, you better believe I jumped at the opportunity to learn more! Needless to say I haven’t stopped learning about sleep since.

I am thrilled to be a member of the Sleeper Teachers and have the opportunity to help teach other families how to get their littles to sleep independently.

If you’re feeling exhausted from long days and even longer nights, and feeling confused from all of all of the conflicting advice out there, let’s hop on a free sleep evaluation call! I can’t wait to help you and your family experience the true joys of sleep!

Cheers to sleep!