Meet the Sleeper Teachers®

Take a peek at the Certified Sleeper Teachers™ Consultants listed below. You can select a specific consultant based on your timezone and set up a free 20 minute sleep evaluation call, or you can fill out this quick sleep support interest form to be contacted by the first available consultant. 


For pediatric sleep (prenatal through age 12), find the Sleeper Teacher nearest your area by timezone below. For adult sleep (13 through adult), Sleeper Teacher Brittney’s got you covered!

Meet Sleeper Teacher's Founder & CEO, Brittney

Adult Sleep Specialist

Hey there, sleepy head! Brittney here. Let’s cut to the chase. I am a science geek + lover of sleep + Enneagram 1.

I believe deeply that sleep is a superpower, and that you need more of it whether you are a mom, business owner or corporate CEO.

Sleep is the ultimate form of self-care, and I can’t wait to help you prioritize it so that you can continue living a healthy and thriving life! 

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